XMETRICAL, LLC is owned and founded by Jordache K. Avery, AIA.  After graduating Cum Laude from Florida A&M University in 2004 with a Bachelor of Architecture Degree, Jordache began his professional career by moving to Atlanta and working for CNNA, Architects. After a little over a year, he left with then president of CNNA, Michael Corcoran, to work at the newly formed Corcoran-Ota Group. There he gained extensive and diverse experience designing, planning, and managing projects. As an associate architect, Jordache was able to design unit plans, floor plans, site plans and building elevations for multiple projects.  He was also uniquely involved in project coordination, code research and construction detailing.  In early 2009, during the heart of the great recession, Jordache founded XMETRICAL, LLC. Since, he has worked on multiple projects, both small commercial and residential, including dozens of homes in numerous in-town Atlanta communities.  Jordache is a registered architect and a member of the American Institute of Architects.


As a full service design studio, XMETRICAL uses a combination of client interaction and complex 3D modeling to produce solutions that are fluid, dynamic and reflective of the individuals that will eventually occupy them.  Every client and site is different and therefore every design is custom; although ultimately, a common thread will manifest itself as we consistently refine and develop a design language which makes us unique.


Because our cities are the museums of our culture, we strongly believe that to tell the story of our lives we need to build the architecture of our time. However, we do not expect a specific solution to fit any particular site or client and therefore we only push certain aspects of a progressive design where feasible and appropriate. We see our opportunity to shape the built environment as a privilege and fully expect our work to stand as exhibits for generations to come.



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